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Our Story

Meet Pablo, Jill and Jamie

Welcome to our warm, family-run catering business, where cooking is our passion and joy!


Chef Pablo, with over 20 years of culinary experience, leads our kitchen. Originally from vibrant Brazil, he has brought his delicious talents to New Zealand, the UK, and Australia, infusing each dish with rich, international flavours.

Our heart and soul, however, lie not just in the food, but in our family. Jill, Chef Pablo’s wonderful wife, is the creative genius behind our marketing, advertising, and menu planning. With her knack for details and a personal touch, she makes sure every event is perfectly personalised and special.

Our little bundle of energy, 9-year-old Jamie, is a budding chef in the making! Jamie loves to roll up his sleeves and help Mum and Dad, bringing his youthful creativity to our menu ideas. His enthusiasm and laughter fill our kitchen with warmth and fun.

Cooking together as a family is what we love most, and we bring that same warmth and joy to every event we cater. Let us share our love of food and family with you, making your next event truly memorable and heart-warming.

Welcome to our family....


Welcome to Grazing Kitchen.

Grazing Kitchen family
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